Mt Buller MTB Shuttles



Mt Buller is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful MTB trails. Mt Buller MTB shuttles provide access to over 65kms of incredible trails, Mt Buller offers everything from cross country to downhill riding. Blue Dirt is the exclusive downhill and all mountain shuttle provider throughout the Summer riding season.

Mt Buller MTB shuttles:

  1. Downhill gravity zone shuttles (Lower Tyrol Car Park – Spurs)
  2. Mirimbah shuttles –> Mt Buller Village (for those riding Delatite trail and The Epic trail) – See time below
  3. All mountain pass: Gets you both options 1 and 2
  4. Single 1 uplift tickets in the downhill gravity zone – Subject to availability. Purchased on the day at Lower Tyrol Car Park

MIRIMBAH SHUTTLE TIMES:    8.30am; 9.30am; 12.30pm; 3.30pm; 4.30pm.

It is very important to pre book your shuttle time and be there in advance as the shuttle will leave on this time and if missed, you will have a wait until the next available shuttle.

Blue Dirt shuttles will will be operating every weekend from 5 DEC . PLUS 7 days a week between 27 DEC – mid JAN.

Book online to save. On the day full day tickets will be subject to availability and $80.00pp

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Mt Buller is home to Victoria’s and possibly Australia’s best mountain bike trails. With over 65 kilometers of incredible trails, Mt Buller offers cross country and downhill. Blue Dirt provides Downhill shuttle services throughout the Summer riding season. See our calendar for all shuttle dates
Hours of operation
DH Shuttles operate non-stop from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Ride the shuttle as often as you like!
Shuttle pick up and drop off
Gravity shuttles include: Copperhead, ABOM, International, Outlaw Express, Yellow Post. Pick up at Lower Tyroll Car Park and drop off at Spurs.

Mirimbah shuttles: Pick up at Mirimbah Store Cafe located across the road from Mirimbah Park on the Mount Buller Road.

Mirimbah shuttle pick up times
Mirimbah shuttles: Pick up at Mirimbah Store Cafe on the Mount Buller Road diagonally opposite Mirimbah Park.

  • 8:30am
  • 10:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 2:30pm
  • 4:30pm
What does my ticket include?
Mt Buller MTB Park at Mt Buller is a recreational bike park which is located on leased land in which Blue Dirt has an exclusive licence to operate this tourism/recreational service within. As a part of your ticket price you get:

  • Access to ride within the Mt Buller MTB Park
  • An uplift service to help get you to the top of the bike park with your bike
  • A percentage of your ticket goes back into the bike park (management, trail maintenance/building, road maintenance and more)
  • You support a small mountain bike/tourism business that helps you ride the best trails!

Shuttle Meeting Point