Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

The best instructors for the best mountain bike skills clinics 

MTB Academy brings you the best of the best to improve your mountain bike riding skills.

Whether you are a rider new to the sport or an elite athlete looking for a performance edge, MTB Academy provide you with the most suitable, professionally qualified instructor.

MTB Academy comes with 100% backing of Blue Dirt Mountain Biking and it’s selected and trusted instructors from a variety of backgrounds. We have instructors that specialise in all areas of MTB from World Cup Downhill riders through to Cross Country champions. Some  people want to improve their jumping, others their tech. Regardless of what you want to improve, we have the ability to pair you up with the best instructor for your needs and desires.

Our goal is to provide a progression in skills, ride amazing trails, introduce new friends, loads of good times and embody the mountain bike culture we all live and love.

If there is a type of clinic or course that you would like to see or participate in please let us know. It may be in our work in progress or we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Skills lessons range from 2 hour, half day, full day, multi day and continuous (progression lessons every week or month). Bookings are available on demand both mid week and also weekends. If you would like to find out more about skills lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct at [email protected]

The main locations we operate skills clinics are: Falls Creek Resort and Mystic MTB Park in Bright, Victoria.