It’s on again. The dopest time on your bike is back for more hits: Pineapple Express

Take a hit of the awesome trails at Mystic Bike Park and win piles of $50 notes – the pineapples.

Ride lap after lap with uplift shuttles for two days – the express.

In typical Blue Dirt style you do not have to be the fastest to win the pineapples.

It’s simple: within the Mystic Bike Park we will have some timed segments, not many. Ride them as many or as little times as you like over the Pineapple Express weekend. Your fastest time on each segment will combine to provide your total “Pineapple Express Time”.

Now here’s the smoke on the water: you don’t have to be fastest to win.

There are no categories – everyone is equal. Inhale and see if you get this:

Prizes go to each person who finishes on a 25th percentile. Or for those who don’t watch Big Bang Theory – we will divide the field into four sections.

For example if we have 600 riders, prizes are split for the people whose times sit at the following spots: 1st (because there always has to be a pick of the crop); 150th, 300th, 450th and so on.

Timed segments are held on a mixture of Blue / Black / Double Black gravity trails. There will be a blue alternate route for each black / double black segment.  We show you multiple routes to get to each section including easier routes and the tech route.


Now breath out and feel the vibe. Just ride baby and let fate takes its hold upon your biking destiny.

Oh the juicy bit: How much for a 25% pot? Prize money is spread equally across the field. So you can come 400th and take home just as many pineapples as the best rider in the field.  Last year someone came 198th and won $1,800 cash plus a season pass at $990.

And don’t forget the Whip Off. Our quirky judges will pick the winner – same prize money as the timed segments. Shazam!  Some young punk took home $1,800 cash and a season pass too.

E- BIKES: Yes you are more than welcome however to keep things fair, e-bike riders will not be eligible for the 1st place position only. It is fair game for all other positions.

How much money can you win? Well now here’s where we may need a bucket.

Blue Dirt will provide $1,000 across the five categories.

PLUS: We will then add 10% of all sponsorship revenue raised.

PLUS: And then we will allocate 10% of all entries to the prize pool. The more who enter the larger the prize pot.

PLUS: We will throw a Blue Dirt Season Pass on top valued at $990 each.

Get even more dope – this means bring your friends, grow the pot and increase the bang of the pineapple express.

But wait there’s more…

There will be spot prizes for:

  • best fancy dressed rider
  • The ultimate bike bling
  • best party shirt on Saturday night
  • The best pineapple tattoo will get $200 cash (yes someone won this last year)
  • funniest photo hashtag

Lets give some back now:

It’s always good to reinvest in your crop. So $15 from each rider entry will be given to Alpine Community Plantations (ACP) to reinvest directly back into the trails at Mystic. More Big Bang maths for you: 600 riders = $9k to the trails. Now if we hit Ignition type numbers we’re talking about over $10k back into the trails. Lock and load baby – stick that in your pipe and ride it.

Pineapple Express is a very social, organic thing:

There will be an event village with:

  • a Bright Brewery Bar
  • amazing bike industry folk dealing out the very best
  • fire pits
  • pumping tunes
  • food outlets
  • bike brands and companies
  • bike mechanic
  • Jumps skills sessions both days plus Friday – Note: You must have an event ticket to do skills sessions, purchased separately.

Who’s going to be in the event village, and contributing cash to the prize pool:

SRAM; Rocky Mountain; Fox; Magura; Rock Shox; 299 Custom; Cyclepath; Reckless Race Concepts; Dharco; Dirtsurfer; Cushcore; Orbea Bikes; Ergon; Schwalbe; Blue Dirt; Bright Brewery; KRUSH.  Stay tuned for updates as more sign on.

Post Ride Brews in the event village

At 4pm on Saturday 21 May come and hang in the event village and enjoy some local, crafty brews.

Party > After Party > After After Party

Saturday night’s social calendar is fully loaded.

6-9pm   Pineapple Party: Bright Brewery – one free beer or cider for every rider and live music. Non-timed prizes awarded here eg fancy dress, tattoo, bike bling, etc. Have to be there to receive prize.

9-11pm   Express Party @ Tomahawks Bar – super cool vibe a short walk from brewery.  Don’t forget the custom Pineapple Express Cocktail.

10pm +   Dr Mauve’s.  With heaps of drink specials for everyone.

For those who feel a little more chilled after the Pineapple Express hit there’s plenty of other options in old Bright town – movie cinema, fine dining, wine bars, spa treatments.

NOTE:  all riders must be double vaccinated for COVID-19 or hold an approved exemption to participate in this event.  This is a State Government requirement.



Time    What & Where

9.00     Pineapple Village open  @  Mystic Park Trailhead, Coronation Ave, Bright

10.00   Gravity Shuttles (until 3.30pm)  @  Mystic Bike Park

10.00   Timing open (until 3.30pm)   @   Mystic Bike Park

3.00     Jumps Contest (until 3.30pm)  @  Shred Kellys Last Stand lower section

3.30      Last Gravity Shuttle  

4.00      Social Brews @ Event Village

6.00      Pineapple Party  @   Bright Brewery

9.00      Express Party    @   Tomahawks Bar

10.00    After After Party   @    Dr Mauve’s



Time   What  &  Where

9.00    Pineapple Village open @  Mystic Park Trailhead Coronation Ave, Bright.

10.00  Gravity Shuttles (until 3.30pm) @ Mystic Bike Park

10.00   Timing open (until 2.00pm)   @   Mystic Bike Park

2.00     Timing Closes

2.30     Winners Presentation  @  Pineapple Village

3.30     Shuttles conclude

Time to re-sow the pineapples


The following highly valued accommodation partners have all contributed to the Pineapple prize kitty. Please show them your love, respect and support. Check out what they have to offer, and hopefully return the favour and stay there.

Bright Big 4

Bright Pine Valley Tourist Park

Big 4 Porepunkah

Bright Colonial Motel

Adina Lodge

Cadence at Bright

Camp Crusty Bright


Master the art of jumping.  Learn vital jumping skills to improve your technique on the many jumps that Mystic has to offer.

This course is aimed at intermediate to experienced riders who are looking to gain jumping mojo/confidence. This is NOT a highly advanced course for large jumps/tricks etc.

Our pro instructor, Miles Davis, will take your through a progressive approach that will have you jumping safer and with improved style.

You must have a Pineapple Express event ticket to be eligible for skills sessions.

Session times:

  • Friday 20 May: 2:00pm – 4:30pm
  • Saturday 21 May: 8:00am – 10:30am
  • Sunday 22 May 8:00am – 10:30am

Price: $120.00 per person