Mountain bike trails do not maintain themselves. Over time weather, usage and other factors take their toll. Poor or no maintenance results in a greater impact on the environment, less desirable riding conditions and less people coming to ride. Things like wash outs, brake bumps, erosion, poor drainage and corrugations can quickly destroy a trail causing degradation and creating an unsafe and unsustainable environment.

With 15+ years in the industry experience; domestic bike park operations and management; global bike park advisory and strategic planning; and 40,000 bike riders each summer enjoying our services, Blue Dirt know first hand what it takes to build and maintain trails to the high, exacting standards that current MTB riders demand.

It is not uncommon to see trails and bike parks built with an insufficient plan, strategy or funding in place to maintain them once they open to the public.  Or a major under estimation in the amount of regular ongoing maintenance required. The result is a drop in visitors to the bike park and a gradual loss of initial trail investment.

Our Blue Dirt Trail Crew puts all of our experience, knowledge and skill at your disposal. Our affordable solution:

– helps avoid poor quality trails and environmental damage;

– installs a preventative solution for long term functionality; 

– provides highly skilled trail maintenance team to repair your trails and maintain them on an ongoing basis.

– helps avoid costly trail rebuilds.

Please feel free to contact us on [email protected] or 0409 161 903.



“Blue Dirt is doing a fantastic job at Mystic”




“I’m a big fan of the work that has been done so far and would like to see more of the same to continue as a regular thing.”




“Exceptional work guys keep it up”